I took that left turn at Albuquerque. I didn’t know I was doing it until I tunneled up and realized that I had taken myself someplace that I hadn’t intended to go. Which is how, I suppose, all great adventures begin. You see, I had pretty much dedicated my life to the practice and teaching […]

I was blessed with a hearty constitution. I rarely get sick. I sleep very well. And I eat pretty much whatever I want. I understand that–to a certain extent– this makes me lucky. I don’t have to fight my body very often, and it mostly behaves as I demand. But even though I have this […]

Sat nam, everyone! Before I post the newest blog, I am going to shamelessly (shamelessly!!) post the link to my GofundMe and Kickstarter campaigns. I am in the process of putting my yoga books and my novels up on the Amazon platform….and I need a graphic designer to do the finish work. I have learned […]

I gave up cable years ago. And believe me, even though it was an easy decision, it was a hard thing to do. I will admit that I really like TV….but only because I like stories. I like well crafted narratives and cleverly staged sets and beautifully developed characters. I’m a writer. Stories are how […]

Dirty Laundry Time…. I wrote about this, and never posted it because I didn’t like the tone. I was upset and felt like I was being unfair. To some extent, I still wonder. But now that dirty laundry just got shoved in my face, so hey, maybe it’s time to bring the discussion to the […]

Consider this a rare share, as the topic has been bouncing off of me recently. From many different directions all coming in from unrelated vectors. But at the moment, relationship is all around me. Some of it in obvious distress; Some of it in a quiet distress that may only be truly visible to a […]

There is this thing happening. I don’t know where it came from and I don’t know why we buy it. I could speculate, but I’m not in the mood to put on my tin foil hat. I’m pretty annoyed by it–mostly because it caught me and I didn’t notice. And then I did. And now […]